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New places, new faces and sometimes old ones...

Hello there,

I love shooting at places I've never been before. But darn it if I don't get ridiculously, panicky on the ride over. Lolol

I mean it's got to be a completely normal feeling as a photographer; You don't know what anything really looks like so you can't plan your spots out or even know how the light is going to look and where.

Gosh, I just get so in my head leading up to these situations that literally the only thing that calms me down is praying. Praying loudly, and basically begging for some kind of magical flow to just appear on the scene in my session. And wouldn't you know it always does. :D

I find that when I have no idea where I'm going or what to expect, I get THE most bomb photographs. I shoot way more than normal - I cover all my bases and then go over them again just to make sure I've got more than enough. And God always, ALWAYS works it out. It's crazy.

On this day, with this very special lady we ventured to a fenced in field.…

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